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Ama Sumani dies

by Richard on March 19, 2008

The BBC are reporting the death of Ama Sumani, deported from Britain to Ghana though terminally ill.
Ama Sumani, 39, passed away in Accra, Ghana, hours after being told that friends and family had found doctors in the UK and South Africa to treat her.
They had also raised more than £70,000 from donations to pay [...]


Ama Sumani: new website

by Richard on January 23, 2008

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Leaked memo offers hope to Ama Sumani

by Richard on January 21, 2008

Wales on Sunday reports
CANCER patient Ama Sumani is hoping a legal loophole will enable her to return to Wales for life-prolonging treatment.
The 39-year-old widowed mother of two created headlines around the world when she was taken from her hospital bed in Cardiff by immigration officials and sent home to Ghana.
Now Wales on Sunday has uncovered [...]


Ama Sumani: “Thank you”

by Richard on January 20, 2008

AMA Sumani last night asked Wales on Sunday to pass on a big thank you to the anonymous Dutch couple who have paid £3,000 so that she can have life-saving treatment in Ghana.
The money supplied by the couple, who now live in Cardiff, will enable Ama to continue her kidney dialysis treatments for three months.
Speaking [...]

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Ama Sumani: Bishops call for re-think

by Richard on January 18, 2008

WELSH bishops have joined the row over the removal of a terminally-ill Ghanaian woman.
The bishops – including the Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan – have called for Ama Sumani to be allowed back into Wales to resume life-prolonging dialysis treatment.
They have also asked the Border and Immigration Agency to reconsider the case of 20-year-old [...]


Deported, abandoned and saved in Ghana

by Richard on January 17, 2008

The BBC’s Will Rose writes from Ghana
When Ama had appealed against her imminent removal from the UK, doctors had advised the judge that without the treatment she had only weeks to live.
As it became clear that the dialysis was available but unaffordable, criticism of the Home Office grew and the medical journal, the Lancet, [...]


Ama Sumani petition

by Richard on January 17, 2008

Sign here. Please.


Ama Sumani appeal fund

by Richard on January 14, 2008

From the BBC:
An appeal fund to help a terminally-ill Ghanaian woman who was removed from the UK because her visa expired, has been set up by her friends in Cardiff.
Ama Sumani’s friend Janet Simmons said pledges of money had been “flooding in” to the appeal, which is being run out of an African craft store [...]


Ama Sumani: plea for return

by Richard on January 12, 2008

Ghana’s High Commissioner in London has appealed to Britain to bring Ama Sumani back from Ghana.
Ama Sumani was taken from a Cardiff hospital on Wednesday where she has been receiving dialysis after cancer damaged her kidneys.
Ms Sumani, 39, whose visa has expired, says she cannot afford care in Ghana.
High Commissioner Annan Cato urged the government [...]


Ama Sumani refused care

by Richard on January 11, 2008

Ama Sumani, the terminally ill Ghanaian woman who was removed from her hospital ward in Cardiff and returned to Ghana by British immigration officials, has been refused treatment in Accra.
A hospital official in Ghana said Mrs Sumani had been accompanied by British immigration officials who had offered to pay for the first three months’ [...]


Ama Sumani: blog reactions

by Richard on January 10, 2008

Bloggers are reacting to the removal from Britain yesterday of Ama Sumani:
Turbulent Cleric
Of course, in terms of law this deportation is correct. However, I cannot help but feel that there is something much more important than Law or Justice. That something is grace.
Pam BG
…making me sick to my stomach at the moment
Incurable Hippy
I’m so disgusted [...]


The case of Ama Sumani, the dying Ghanaian woman deported (strictly: “removed”) from Britain today is as tragic as anything I’ve seen in the news recently.
Of course, the immigration officials are “right”. She had overstayed her visa and had in any case broken its terms. There is no question about the legalities if the BBC [...]