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The term ‘Climate Change’ was adopted in preference to ‘Global Warming’ in a deliberate attempt to distract the public as part of a political campaign.

I didn’t watch Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump. When I need an emetic, I’ll go to the chemist. But I was interested to read a report of it in The [...]


“Normal weather is a thing of the past”

by Richard on January 6, 2016

So says Professor Myles Allen, who leads the climate research programme at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. Given that I had to mow my grass just after Christmas, and had cherry blossom alongside my Christmas lights, I’m inclined to believe him.
Here’s the interview, on yesterday’s BBC R4 Today programme


The Guardian:
The Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University (NYU) School of Law recently published a report summarizing a survey of economists with climate expertise. The report was a follow-up and expansion of a similar survey conducted in 2009 by the same institute. The key finding: there’s a strong consensus among climate economics [...]


2014 confirmed as warmest year on record

by Richard on January 6, 2015

From the UK Met Office
Provisional full year figures for 2014 show it is the UK’s warmest and fourth wettest year in records dating back to 1910.
It is also the warmest year on record in the Central England Temperature series, which dates back to 1659 and is the world’s longest running instrumental temperature series.
Warmest year on [...]


Greenland ice loss continues to increase

by Richard on August 20, 2014

From the BBC
A new assessment from Europe’s CryoSat spacecraft shows Greenland to be losing about 375 cu km of ice each year.
Added to the discharges coming from Antarctica, it means Earth’s two big ice sheets are now dumping roughly 500 cu km of ice in the oceans annually.
“The contribution of both ice sheets together to [...]

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From the European Space Agency
Three years of observations from ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the Antarctic ice sheet is now losing 159 billion tonnes of ice each year – twice as much as when it was last surveyed.
The polar ice sheets are a major contributor to the rise in global sea levels, and these newly [...]


Climate Change: not future, now.

by Richard on March 31, 2014

The latest IPCC report is sobering.
Food security is highlighted as an area of significant concern. Crop yields for maize, rice and wheat are all hit in the period up to 2050, with around a tenth of projections showing losses over 25%.
After 2050, the risk of more severe yield impacts increases, as boom-and-bust cycles affect many [...]


Richard Branson, that well-known anti-business, pale pink, hair-shirted communist, has told climate change deniers: “Get out of the way”
Conservative think tank the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) - Apple shareholders - criticised Cook for pursuing sustainability programs, questioned the impact of combating climate change on the bottom line, and demanded return on investment [...]


More lunacy from UKIP

by Richard on January 20, 2014

Just when you thought UKIP couldn’t get any dafter, there’s news that the party would ban the teaching of climate change in schools.
In 2010. Ukip announced it would ban the screening of Al Gore’s controversial documentary An Inconvenient Truth if elected, but it now says it will go much further.
Speaking to Index on Censorship, Ukip [...]


Christian Aid: Climate Change is already happening

by Richard on September 25, 2013

Christian Aid is urging governments to heed the warnings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which publishes its new report on the state of the world’s climate on Friday.
The report, only the fifth since the body was formed in 1988 and the first since 2007, is expected to say that scientists are now [...]


Stupidest headline ever?

by Richard on September 10, 2013

Global warming or global scamming
Experts have revealed that despite dire predictions, the ice cap has increased significantly rather than melt. In their words: “Scientists have gone for the money, and sold out science to the devil.”
After years of trying to intimidate the public with the scare that due to global warming glaciers would melt and [...]


The Guardian
Suggestions that global warming has stalled are a “diversionary tactic” from “deniers” who want the public to be confused over climate change, according to the world’s best-known climate scientist. Prof James Hansen, who first alerted the world to climate change in 1988, said on Friday: “It is not true that the temperature has not [...]


From LiveScience
Summer ice melt has increased tenfold over the last millennium in the Antarctic Peninsula, with most of the melt occurring during the last several decades in conjunction with global warming, new research suggests.
Rapid melt can destabilize glaciers and ice shelves (the tongues of glaciers that float on the ocean), suggesting that there could be [...]


Enough food if…

by Richard on April 16, 2013

…governments keep their climate promise


State of the Climate

by Richard on January 16, 2013

From the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration State of the Climate report
2012 global temperatures 10th highest on record
2012 was also warmest “La Niña year” on record
The globally-averaged temperature for 2012 marked the 10th warmest year since record keeping began in 1880. It also marked the 36th consecutive year with a global temperature above the [...]


Climate Change: model predictions successful

by Richard on December 9, 2012

20-Year-Old Report Successfully Predicted Warming
Time has proven that even 22 years ago climate scientists understood the dynamics behind global warming well enough to accurately predict warming, says an analysis that compares predictions in 1990 with 20 years of temperature records. …
… 22 years ago, scientists understood one crucial factor:
“The prediction basically depended on how much [...]


The real debate on climate change

by Richard on December 7, 2012

As the UN climate talks in Doha stutter, there’s real science being done in San Francisco. 20 000 scientists have gathered for the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Stephan Lewandowsky reports
The program for a single day of this meeting consists of a 50-page broadsheet that lists literally thousands of events: you can follow [...]

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Compensation row at Doha

by Richard on December 5, 2012

At the UN climate talks, a delegate from the Seychelles tells it like it is:
“The Doha caravan seems to be lost in the sand,” he told a joint news conference. “As far as ambition is concerned, we are lost.
“We’re past the mitigation (emissions cuts) and adaptation eras. We’re now right into the era of loss [...]


From the BBC
The results show that the largest ice sheet - that of East Antarctica - has gained mass over the study period of 1992-2011 as increased snowfall added to its volume.
However, Greenland, West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula were all found to be losing mass - and on a scale that more than compensates [...]


Christian group challenges Energy Bill

by Richard on November 28, 2012

From the Methodist Church:
Exactly four years ago, campaigners were thrilled when the Climate Change Act was made law on Nov 26th 2008. The UK became the first country to set out legally binding and far reaching targets to reduce carbon emission by 2050. The Labour government was proud to show international leadership in tackling [...]