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Gender, equality and doctrinal statements

by Richard on December 6, 2012

There’s been a bit of fuss in the Methodist corner of the socialmediaverse about Bristol University CU’s attitude toward women speakers at its meetings. It’s almost impossible to discuss a CU or its parent body (UCCF) without thinking about the doctrinal basis of that body, so here’s my reflection on just that first written a [...]


Christian Union Mission Week: An Unsound Bite

by Kim on February 14, 2008

The (evangelical) Christian Union is holding its triennial Misson Week at Swansea University. The Chaplains are not directly involved - with one exception we are “unsound” - but we do what we can logistically to help the youngsters on their way: we happily offer the use of the Chaplaincy premises, provide various kitchen equipment, [...]


Nothing to fear?

by Kim on December 7, 2007

Giles Fraser has a good piece in today’s Church Times. I like Fraser. He’s always there or thereabouts. When it comes to Liberals and Evangelicals, if he’s not quite “a plague on both your houses” kind of guy, at least he’s “a plague on Evangelical houses and Liberal bedsits” kind of guy, [...]


Methodist Evangelical?

by Richard on September 5, 2007

Pam BG has some good posts and fascinating conversation around the subject of Methodism and ‘evangelicalism’ (is that a word?).
I’d want to say that Methodists are, by definition, evangelical. Our ‘Deed of Union’, the defining document of British Methodism says
The Methodist Church claims and cherishes its place in the Holy Catholic Church which is the [...]


That’s a good question. Thank you for asking.
First, let’s make sure we know what we’re talking about. UCCF is the ‘parent body’ of Christian Unions on British university and college campuses. Members of affiliated CUs (and any speakers invited to address the CU) are required to sign up to its core beliefs, or [...]


The battle for the soul of Christian Unions

by Richard on December 8, 2006

Giles Fraser echoes my experience as a university chaplain
It was a particular irritation when I was a college chaplain that the UCCF served to undermine the work of the chapel. The message from CU central was clear. Chaplains are not to be worked with. They are different. Don’t trust them. Throughout the country, university chaplains [...]


Should Christian Unions fight for their rights?

by Bene Diction on December 5, 2006

From The Evangelical Outpost:
Christian students in Britain are facing discrimination for, well, for being Christians:
Thousands of Christians on campuses across Britain claim that their right to freedom of expression is being challenged by student associations attempting to force Christian Unions to allow anybody, regardless of faith, ethnicity or sexuality, to sit on their ruling [...]


Persecution of Christians — in Britain?

by Richard on November 24, 2006

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.
Our friend Dave Walker is pursuing a controversy over events on a UK university campus where a Christian Union has been ‘disaffiliated’ from the Student Union on the grounds that membership of the CU is not open to [...]


Us + Them = We??

by Mike on September 24, 2004

Following on from Richard’s post a little down the way there, I want to also express my concern at the divide that exists between different Christian groups within our university environment. I’ve been looking for suitable examples to demonstrate the fickleness of the differences that cause such a divide, and only today did I [...]


The unimportance of being earnest

by Richard on May 23, 2004

Our friend Wood has a good way with words, and is always worth reading. (He’s always good to talk with too, but that isn’t an option for most readers here) He recently spent some time observing a Christian Union mission week at Swansea University. His reflections have been published by Ship of Fools and even [...]