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End of the day at Greenbelt #gb14

by Richard on August 22, 2014

I’m sitting in an improvised dining shelter, preparing to get into my tent at Greenbelt. Listened to a talk by Brian McLaren (”Bible 3.0″), which was ok, followed by a pint in the site pub “The Jesus Arms”. Now enjoying the darkness and relative peace with a cup of coffee breed cowboy style [...]


St Billy sings the English national anthem #gb11

by Richard on August 30, 2011

Had to take Greenbelt at a steady pace this year and there was a deliberate lack of rushing from one venue to the next. I took a very relaxed attitude to the timetable and felt good about that. Chilled, you might say. Billy Bragg was my festival highlight: a great gig on Friday night, but [...]

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Greenbelt 2010

by Richard on March 30, 2010

I don’t think I’m going to be able to be at Greenbelt this year, which is a shame as the lineup looks quite exciting. If I can make it possible to go and listen to Stanley Hauerwas, you can be sure I will. Sadly, the odds are against it.
One controversial invitee is Peter Tatchell, the [...]

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Greenbelt 09: interview with Gene Robinson

by Richard on September 6, 2009

Malcolm Doney talks to Bishop Gene Robinson.


Greenbelt: divided about Gene Robinson?

by Richard on September 1, 2009

Christian Today is one media outley among many carrying a Gay bishop Gene Robinson divides opinion at Greenbelt Festival headline, more or less lifting the story from the local newspaper.
Controversial Anglican bishop Gene Robinson divided opinion at the Greenbelt Festival this year as he delivered three addresses to listeners.
The first openly gay bishop in [...]


Greenbelt reflections

by Richard on September 1, 2009

Back from Greenbelt 09, and inevitably struggling to get back into the swing of working for a living. No doubt I’ll get the hang of it sometime. A friend was just asking me what I made of my first Greenbelt, and it isn’t easy to sum up in a few words. It’s such a big [...]


Greenbelt update

by Richard on August 30, 2009

Sunday pm: all around me are children, noisily enjoying the messy area - “sticking and glueing”. I’m enjoying a mug of coffee, the cheapest I’ve found anywhere in the festival, and far from the worst. There are all sorts of activities I might go and do, but there is something very appealing about [...]


Greenbelt musings

by Richard on August 29, 2009

Very much enjoying my first Greenbelt. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is warm. I’ve caught up with some old friends, and look forward to seeing more. The highlight so far for me was the first talk by Bishop Gene Robinson. His manner was extremely engaging, and he spoke with passion and humility. His, [...]

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Aliens in the Attic

by Richard on August 19, 2009

Went to see Aliens in the Attic tonight. I don’t think anyone is ever going to call this a great film, but it is good fun. The kids I went with came out very happy, and I had a goodish laugh from time-to-time. Don’t don’t go looking for an exploration of the human condition [...]



by Richard on April 3, 2009

I’ve been promising myself I’ll do this for years, and now I have.
This year, 2009, the Hall family are going to Greenbelt. Hope it doesn’t rain.