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A task group established to consider whether the Methodist Church’s understanding of marriage and relationships should be revisited has reported back to this year’s Methodist Conference.
Following a decision at the Conference in 2014, people from across the Methodist Connexion have been considering marriage and relationships as part of a process overseen by the task group. [...]


The oldest building in British Methodism?

by Richard on September 18, 2013


Ray Gaston offers resources for reflecting upon ‘Justice for Israel & Palestine’ and Inter-Faith Relations

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Theological Worldview Revisited

by Joel on April 15, 2011

I haven’t had much time recently to post anything, but I thought I would at least re-take Theological Worldview Quiz from Quizfarm. There are holes in the test that could probably park a thousand cars or more, but possibly where the quiz has been taken a few years apart it might indicate at least [...]


Anyone who has been reading this blog for the last little while will be aware of the controversy that was stirred by the Methodist Conference report Justice for Palestine and Israel. Following a meeting earlier this month, the Methodist Church and the Board of Deputies issued the following statement
On 7 January 2011, a conversation took [...]


Methodists fight Islamophobia

by Richard on March 3, 2010

From IslamOnline
Defying rightists speaking in the Christian voice against Islam, a major British church has set up a new project to fight racism and anti-Muslim sentiments in Britain.
“The root of the project is the recent relative success of the BNP [British National Party] and the English Defence League,” the Rev Vernon Marsh, chairman of the [...]


The end of Methodism? A view from across the pond

by Richard on February 16, 2010

Only Wonder Understands :: Did David Gamble misspeak?
Gamble isn’t making a statement of intention for merger, in fact, his comments have little to do with any formal arrangements with the Church of England. No, Gamble is asking a question we all should be asking, “How do we most effectively minister in the 21st Century?” In [...]


The report offering guidance to Methodists on the use of Social Media has generated a fair bit of comment from my blogging friends. Some of that comment has been helpful, others less so. One blogger is imposing guidelines of his own, censoring or removing perfectly reasonable comments whilst screaming about gagging. That’s life. I was [...]

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Methodism and the new media

by Richard on January 26, 2010

There’s a paper going to the Methodist Council next week containing advice to the church on the use of “social media”. David Hallam has read it, and he doesn’t like it. That’s his prerogative, of course. Unfortunately, his dislike of the paper has lead him, unknowingly I’m sure, to rather misrepresent what it actually says. [...]


Celebrating the Covenant

by Richard on January 4, 2010

Dave Warnock offers the final part of his series 5 things I, me, myself, love about Methodism. This time he focuses on the Methodist Covenant Service.
I’m obliged to agree and, in the absence of anything new to say, humbly point to a Covenant Sunday post I wrote a little while ago.


Methodist Youth Assembly appoints new President

by Richard on November 18, 2009

Last weekend, the Methodist Youth Assembly appointed Pete Brady from Bradford, aged 23, as its President.
Pete will be the Methodist Youth President, working full-time for one year to serve the young people of the Methodist Church in Britain, making their voices heard and helping them to get more involved in every aspect of Church life. [...]


More on climate change and the church

by Richard on September 11, 2009

Following on from yesterday’s post, the Guardian has another letter on the subject of the role of faith communities in responding to climate change.
My experience suggests Lord May has a challenge on his hands if he expects most church leaders to play a role in mobilising people to take action against global warming (Report, 7 [...]


Climate Change and the church

by Richard on September 10, 2009

Former chief scientist to the British government (and now President of the British Science Association) Lord May on Monday called for faith communities to take a lead role in motivating people to respond to the challenge of climate change.
Lord May highlighted the value of religion in uniting communities to tackle environmental challenges ahead of [...]


Presidential blogging

by Richard on July 17, 2009

Olive suggests that the President & Vice-President are offeringa blogging treat. It’s the VP Richard Vautrey doing most of the work at the moment: come on David Gamble. The blogosphere is watching!
Joking apart, the blog is a much more direct way to keep up with the President and Vice-President than has ever been possible in [...]

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On using the interweb

by Richard on May 11, 2009

Ben Myers put me on to Mark Stevens, who quotes N.T. Wright on blogging
“It really is high time we developed a Christian ethic of blogging. Bad temper is bad temper even in the apparent privacy of your own hard drive, and harsh and unjust words, when released into the wild, rampage around and do real [...]

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In his Easter message the Revd Stephen Poxon, President of the Methodist Conference, speaks of the emotions of Easter and a hope that never dies.
Easter Emotions
“Life is full of thrills…..some come unexpectedly whilst others we go looking for, perhaps on the latest ride at the theme park or fun fair….the thrill of being thrown around, [...]


Methodist blogging

by Richard on March 16, 2009

Allan Bevere has the latest round up.
I’ve been away from blogging longer than I can ever remember being since I began. It’s been more than a week –yikes! It’s good to be back at the old stand. More later, I hope.

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Hymn of the day

by Richard on March 8, 2009

Let earth and heaven agree,
Angels and men be joined,
To celebrate with me
The Saviour of mankind;
To adore the all-atoning Lamb,
And bless the sound of Jesu’s name.
Jesus, transporting sound!
The joy of earth and heaven;
No other help is found,
No other name is given,
By which we can salvation have;
But Jesus came the world to save.
Jesus, harmonious name!
It charms the [...]


Methodist blogging

by Richard on March 8, 2009

Another roundup of Allan Bevere’s pick of the Methodist blogosphere.


New Methodist Blogger*

by Richard on February 26, 2009

Let’s see how this goes, a blog for Lent. And, I suspect, longer. Anyway, the chap behind it is as fine a fellow as I’ve ever shared a nosebag with, and his blog is sure to be worth looking at. You know what to do.
Chris is the better other half of long-time Methodist blogger Ramblin’ [...]