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Gravity waves and theology

by Richard on February 12, 2016

I’m still not finding the space for blogging that I’d hoped for. But here’s a good piece on the announcement that gravity waves have finally been observed.
Mind you, I have to say that gravity waves seemed like old news to me. I saw them years ago on Star Trek.


On science, maths and faith

by Richard on October 12, 2014

John Wesley was convinced that should he study mathematics to any depth he’d become an atheist. If he had taken that journey, I venture to suggest he would have discovered that he was wrong. I’m not any kind of mathematician — I pretty much crashed and burned in my university maths classes — though I [...]


Straw man science

by Richard on November 27, 2012

The Conversation: Straw man science: keeping climate simple
Straw man climate science marries facts with errors of omission. Comforting numbers are presented with logical fallacies. Any uncertainty is confused with complete uncertainty. Uncertainty about “how” is confused with uncertainty about “if”. Dissent by a tiny minority is confused with a lack of scientific consensus.
Straw man [...]


The truth of Genesis

by Richard on October 10, 2012

An amended reblog, partly prompted by some recent comments
I was talking to someone recently about the evolution ‘debate’. He got very troubled when I spoke of the first chapter of Genesis as a myth. “If Genesis 1 isn’t true, how can we trust anything the Bible says?” he asked.
Imagine yourself in one of those [...]

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Big Bang Theory: “lies from the pit of hell”

by Richard on October 6, 2012

This congressman, Paul Broun, is apparently on the House Science Committee. He’s also an MD, both of which might mislead you into thinking he might know something about science.
Stuff like this makes me despair. The worst of it is, he doesn’t sound like he knows much about the Bible either.
h/t: Huffington Post



by Richard on May 9, 2012

5 Conversation Starters Every Pastor Dreads via Dave Faulkner.
Unmammoth mammoths sound like fun.
On the other hand, the rising quantity of plastic in the ocean sounds disgusting.
Headteachers warned about letter opposing gay marriage via Archbishop Cranmer. Cue more cries of “Persecution!” sigh*


Climate Change Has Nothing to Do With Al Gore

by Richard on April 20, 2012

Good article from a former ’skeptic’
I’m a moderate Republican - a fan of small government, light regulation and market solutions. A serial entrepreneur, I founded companies that invented 3-D television weather graphics and the first app on a cell phone. I’m a Penn State meteorologist. My day-job since 1979: tracking weather for TV news.
If you [...]


Coverage of climate change plummets on US TV

by Richard on April 19, 2012

From Media Matters
Time Devoted To Climate Change Has Fallen Sharply Since 2009
Despite Ongoing Climate News, Broadcast Coverage Has Dropped Significantly. Since 2009, when the U.S. House of Representatives passed a climate bill and a major climate conference took place in Copenhagen, the amount of climate coverage on both the Sunday shows (Fox News Sunday, NBC’s [...]


Climate Change: what the data say

by Richard on March 20, 2012

RealClimate has a post about the latest updates to various climate data sets. The money quote comes at the end:
But even while scientists work on ironing out the details in these products, it’s worth pointing out what is robust. All data sets show significant warming over the 20th Century – regardless of whether the raw [...]


Ozone Holes and climate change

by Richard on March 14, 2012

Back in the day I was a huge fan of Isaac Asimov. Many people know him as a science fiction writer, which of course he was, but he’s less well-known as a writer of popular science. That’s a pity, because he was a very gifted communicator. It’s probably his writing more than any other that [...]


Pondering The Life Scientific

by Richard on March 13, 2012

Driving across Wales this morning I had the opportunity to listen to The Life Scientific on Radio 4. Today was an interview with ecologist Professor Sir John Lawton. He touched on the nature of science in relation to climate change: here’s an extract.

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Happy Birthday, Neptune.

by Richard on July 11, 2011

The planet Neptune was discovered a year ago today. Really.


Skeptic or Denier?

by Richard on May 30, 2011

Unleashed: Are you a genuine skeptic or a climate denier?
In the charged discussions about climate, the words skeptic and denier are often thrown around. But what do these words mean?
Consider the following definitions. Genuine skeptics consider all the evidence in their search for the truth. Deniers, on the other hand, refuse to accept any evidence [...]


Climate Change rap

by Richard on May 12, 2011

“In the media landscape there are climate change deniers and believers, but rarely are those speaking about climate change actual climate scientists…”
Some aussie climate scientists are getting down with the kids to share their message. (Before you watch, remember that it’s a Rap. Rap’s are supposed to be rude)
yo….we’re climate scientists.. and there’s no denying [...]


Stephan Lewandowsky, The Drum
Indeed, tragically and paradoxically, among Republicans acceptance of the science decreases with their level of education as well as with their self-reported knowledge: Whereas Democrats who believe they understand global warming better also are more likely to believe that it poses a threat in their lifetimes, among Republicans increased belief in understanding [...]


Place your bets please

by Richard on April 6, 2011

Take a tip from me — “Willfully Obtuse” is going to romp home. With thanks to Only In It For The Gold. For more fine cartoons, visit Marc Roberts.


Interesting article from the Seattle Times
While some politicians are going on the attack against efforts to fight climate change, scientists such as Emanuel are rattling the political pigeonholes. Some are speaking out, using their expertise and conservative credentials to challenge what many researchers consider widespread distortions about climate change.
Texas Tech atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe is [...]


Uncertain about uncertainty

by Richard on January 5, 2011

Only in it for the Gold :: Getting Uncertainty Backwards
Excellent stuff.


John Cleese, scientist

by Richard on December 21, 2010

via Andrew Brown


Climate change in the news

by Richard on November 24, 2010

It isn’t very often you’ll find me quoting the Daily Mail with any approval, but Influential climate change report ‘was copied from Wikipedia’ got my attention
Research questioning the validity of global warming was copied from Wikipedia and textbooks, it has been claimed.
A report by statistician Edward Wegman criticised earlier research led by scientist Michael Mann [...]

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