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Together alone

by Richard on April 16, 2012

“Those little devices in our pockets are so powerful - they don’t just change what we do, they change who we are.”


Ten Rules for Social Media Engagement

by Richard on April 9, 2012

From iBenedictines:

Pray. Bring Christ into the relationship at the very beginning, and let your prayer have more of the ‘Speak, Lord, your servant is listening’ than ‘Lord, open my lips that I may declare your praise …’
Listen. Engage with others, don’t preach at them. Know when to be quiet. It’s O.K. to have nothing to [...]

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The right answer to the wrong question?

by Richard on March 28, 2012

Equal Marriage: the right answer to the wrong question? #BigRead12 (@nedlunn)
— The BigBible Project (@bigbible) March 28, 2012

(Posted as an experiment with a new Twitter feature, but it points to a useful contribution to the ‘gay marriage’ debate, albeit one I ultimately disagree with)


BBC gets new social media rules

by Richard on July 15, 2011

From The Telegraph (via @annamdrew)
“Don’t sound off about things in an openly partisan way.
“Don’t be seduced by the informality of social media into bringing the BBC into disrepute.
“Don’t criticise your colleagues.
“Don’t reveal confidential BBC information.
“Don’t surreptitiously sanitise Wikipedia pages about the BBC.”
The summary — “Don’t do anything stupid” — is as sensible as it [...]

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Conference communication considered

by Richard on July 12, 2011

Methodist Church head of communications Toby Scott on the Methodist Conference and Social Media


UMC Social Media debate

by Richard on July 3, 2011

UM Portal: Clergy debate social media policy
The blogosphere has been abuzz over a social media policy in the Kentucky Annual Conference which requires candidates for ordination to report their activity on Facebook and other sites.
Many bloggers and commenters are crying foul, calling the policy “overkill” and one that amounts to “policing” candidates’ social media [...]


Tweets are public? Who knew?

by Richard on February 8, 2011

The Guardian: PCC right to rule against the woman who put the twit in Twitter
On the one hand, this is so blindingly obvious that it shouldn’t have needed saying. On the other, I wonder what it means for those with private accounts?


A future without personal history

by Richard on January 19, 2011

My parents still have letters that they received more than 30 years ago, and when they read them now they say that they detail entire relationships and friendships. They have vast amounts of information about their own history stored inside the letters that they sent and received. It goes even further than that. My grandmother [...]


When I post something here, it automatically goes out on Facebook and Twitter. That seems to be a good way of keeping in touch with as many of my friends as possible. However, it does divide the coversation. Comments left on Facebook can’t be seen here, and comments here don’t get added to Facebook. Tweets [...]


Social media guidelines

by Richard on February 17, 2010

With a political row about Twitter raging, I’ve just been listening to a conversation on the Today Programme about responsible use of social media.
Two bits of advice struck me:
1. When you put something out on the internet, don’t assume it can be deleted. When it’s out there, it’s out there.
2. Remember that anything you write [...]


Toby Scott, Director of communications and campaigns for the Methodist Church and author of the Social Media paper we discussed yesterday, answers a few questions.
Your job title is “Director of communications and campaigns”. Can you tell us what you do?
I manage the work of the communications team - events, internet communications and media - as [...]


Methodism and the new media

by Richard on January 26, 2010

There’s a paper going to the Methodist Council next week containing advice to the church on the use of “social media”. David Hallam has read it, and he doesn’t like it. That’s his prerogative, of course. Unfortunately, his dislike of the paper has lead him, unknowingly I’m sure, to rather misrepresent what it actually says. [...]


Is Facebook killing the kids?

by Richard on August 3, 2009

The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols has caused a bit of fuss with an interview claiming that Facebook can lead to teen suicide
Archbishop Vincent Nichols said the sites are leading teenagers to build “transient relationships” which leave them unable to cope when their social networks collapse. He said the internet and mobile phones were “dehumanising” [...]


Social networking

by Richard on April 22, 2008

I’ve mentioned before that I find the whole social networking thing pretty puzzling. If you’re like me, you might find this online presentation from Phil Bradley useful.
Me? I still don’t get it.

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by Richard on January 21, 2008

I’m not entirely sure I get the whole social networking thing. Facebook, as I mentioned in a comment the other day, leaves me feeling pretty bewildered.
Prompted by this article, I thought I’d have a look at twitter, so I have an account, but twitter is even more puzzling than Facebook.
Am I too old? Can someone [...]