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End of an era

by Richard on November 20, 2012

Wrexham factory makes its last typewriter


A Welsh minefield

by Richard on February 14, 2012

I hesitate to raise this. An Englishman in Wales must tread carefully. But this Welsh headteacher has issues with the way the Welsh language is taught in English-medium schools. My own experience as a parent of two suggests he might have a point. This BBC package seems to confirm it.
Why do I feel like I’ve [...]


Todd Bentley in Wales

by Richard on November 23, 2011

Anyone remember Todd Bentley? About 3 years ago he was making a big noise with his ‘revival’ in Florida and was something of a star on GodTV. His ministry was always controversial, what with visitations from angels and his penchant for delivering a healing touch with a kick or a punch, but it went off [...]


Embarrassment for a Tesco Swansea Store

by Richard on May 12, 2011

It might seem a bit of a laugh, but there’s really no excuse for this.
Anyone who has lived in Wales for more than a week will know that Allanfa and Exit mean the same thing.
Even me, and my Welsh is pitiful.
The BBC has more


Wales goes to the Polls

by Richard on March 3, 2011

Wales takes to the ballot box today in a referendum about extending the law-making powers of the Welsh Assembly Government. At present, the devolved powers of the WAG are limited: it can pass law only with the permission of the Westminster parliament. A ‘Yes’ vote would give the Senedd the authority to make legislation without [...]


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Wrexham hit by flash floods

by Richard on July 21, 2010

BBC Wales reports briefly.
It did rain particularly hard. But the sun is shining now.


Enter the dragon

by Richard on July 6, 2010

Since The Angel of the North, large public artworks seem to have really come back in vogue. That is, I think a Good Thing.
It seems that Wrexham is not to be outdone, with a proposed ‘dragon tower’ that will rise 210ft over the Welsh borders.
Looks good to me.

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A snack for St David’s Day

by Richard on March 1, 2010

Welsh Rarebit What could be more pleasant for a light snack or a spot of supper on St David’s Day? For those who think that beer is the work of the devil - try this, you’ll discover you’re wrong.
To make Welsh Rarebit, grate 8 oz of cheddar cheese and put it in a [...]


Ffrwd Quarry Nature Reserve

by Richard on February 25, 2010


Concern over welfare reforms

by Richard on December 11, 2008

Yesterday, a government White Paper was published proposing changes to the UK welfare system. The thrust of it seems to be that those who are claiming incapacity benefit (essentially those with long term illness or disability) or income support will be expected to prove that they are looking for work. Those who do not find [...]


For Today’s Wales

by Richard on March 1, 2008

A St David’s Day sermon by Aled Edwards, Chief Executive of Cytûn (Churches Together in Wales).


Gambling in Wales

by Richard on January 17, 2008

Wales - World Nation reports on some prposed changes to Finnish law which would make life a bit harder for those who promote online gambling.
The gambling pastimes of Finnish online poker addicts may become seriously complicated if the authorities’ latest plans materialise. Helsingin Sanomat has received information, according to which the Ministry of Social Affairs [...]